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These downloads are from new and upcoming releases by Geoffrey Gee.
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Tap Jam 4:06

This piece was recorded on the virtual instrument Plectrum. It was played live on the keybord; the sounds heard are derived from the tapping of grand piano strings and the colliding of silver spoons on a pillow. Behind is a synthesizer "pad."

Affirmation 4:32

This solo piano piece was recorded using the Steinway sound on the virtual instrument Ivory.



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discoveries.  (2003) Geoffrey Gee plays solo piano standards and open improvisations, encompassing moods from jovial to serene, in styles ranging from dreamy impressionism to hard-grooving jazz. 


excursions. (2001) Piano and drums meet and meld, challenge and submit, frolic and romp in this duo performance by Geoffrey Gee and percussionist, Russ Gold.


Concert at Lowell Hall. 
This recording captures Geoffrey Gee, live, in concert at Harvard University, as his music emerges in the instant of improvisation. Compelling themes and haunting melodies unfold through classical harmonies alive with spontaneous exuberance.


fingerprints. (1994) Keyboard Magazine describes this solo collection by Geoffrey Gee as "Serious, passionate, solo piano, beautifully recorded and very listenable...the sense of rubato and the touch have a classical inspiration...Satie in the more withdrawn moments, Moussorgsky in the darker rumbles."