Vital Arts, located on Hebron Hollow Farm, is a center for arts and ideas. Co-founded by Kimerer LaMothe and Geoffrey Gee, Vital Arts supports the creation of works in writing, music, and dance that remain faithful to the earth in us and around us.

Its location on a farm is central to this mission: art that is vital is art that affirms life. It is art that awakens our senses to our utter dependence on the natural world, and inspires us to create the mutually-enabling relationships we need with each other and the earth in order to unfold what we have to give.

Create to live. Every human being creates to live, and necessarily so. We are born bodies, unfinished, and must discover, over time, what nourishes us. We must discover for ourselves what gives us the sense of direction and belonging that we need to thrive.

As we do, we form relationships with the people, places, and things that sustain us. We create patterns of sensation and response that bind us to them. We become people who think and feel and act in these ways. We create ourselves.

Live to create. While we all create to live, we may also, if we choose, live to create. When we live to create, we dedicate ourselves to exploring the possibilities of our creativity. We stay in touch with the freedom that it offers us in forming relationships with ourselves, each other, and the natural world that support the well being of us all.

At Vital Arts, our aim is to create experiences—in word, movement, and sound—that bring our senses to life, and help us all along in bringing sense to life.