On Fire (2004)

Since 1997, I have been developing my own way of practicing, making, and performing dance. In this work, I am and have been deeply influenced by experiences and individuals named here.


Training in:


Modern Dance, including classes at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, with Isadora Duncan dancer, Sylvia Gold, andwith Boston's own Marcus Schulkind


Haitian Dance

Kathak (Classical Indian Dance)

Hatha Yoga

Certified Danskinetics Instructor


Performances with:


Rhythm in Motion, artistic director Sharron Rose


Raedance, artistic director Stephanie Rae Parker


Patric Lacroix's Haitian American Dance Theater



Kimerer is available to give lectures, workshops, and performances.


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August 20. 2016, 7 PM



Southern Vermont Arts Center

Manchester, VT



An original concert of music and dance featuring song/poems based on Kimerer's book, Why We Dance.


August 23-24, 2014



Fort Salem Theater

Salem, NY


July 28, 2013


Kimerer dances to Geoffrey's improvisations in the LaMothe Gee Family Concert.





This solo dance piece explores the influence of sitting and writing on our experience of ourselves and our experiences of the divine. The score features words by Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, and Martha Graham, and original music by Geoffrey Gee.






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Genesis (2001)

An hour-long movement meditation on the ongoing act of creation featuring an original score by Geoffrey Gee. The five parts of Genesis explore the kinetic shapes of the human journey: birth, longing, sadness, despair, liberation, and the return of joy. It is a dance deeply inspired by Graham who wrote, "How does it all begin? I suppose it never begins. It just continues. Life-Generations-Dancing."