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Press Release for Why We Dance. April 2015.

Press Release for Family Planting. June 2011.

Press Release for What a Body Knows. June 2009.

Curriculum Vitae. January 2015.

Media Appearances

Live radio: May 31, 2015. Interview on WBTN's "The Listening Shires" with Thomas Lawrence Toscano.

Podcast: May 15, 2015. Interview with Joanna Harcourt Smith of Future Primitive.

Author Interview: Columbia University Press:

Page 99 Test, April 10, 2015:

For Family Planting & What a Body Knows

Podcast: September 22, 2011. Interview with Joanna Harcout-Smith of Future Primitive.

Podcast: June 24, 2011. Interview with Joanna Harcout-Smith of Future Primitive.

Radio: September 17, 2010. Interview with Suzanna Axisa.

Online news: August 2010. Milan, Italy. Interview by Mariangela Sullivan for Ilsussidiario.

Radio: June 26, 2010. Interview with Lance White.

Radio: May 29, 2010. Interview with Dixie Bowden.

Radio: April 8, 2010. Interview with Donna Seebo.

Radio: January 17, 2010. Arizona. The Metaphysical World and Beyond, with Nancy Wallace.

Television: January 15, 2010. Houston, TX. Interview in the studio for Living Smart, with Patti Gras.

Radio: October 23. Asheland, OR. Sacred Mysteries, with Sharron Rose.

Print: September. Williams Alumni Review, Body of Knowledge.

Radio: September 26. Fargo, ND. "Night Time Live," KFGO with Jason Speiss.

Radio: September 22. Billings MT. On KBUL with Tommy B.

Radio: August 23. White Mountains of Arizona. "Believe," 970 KVWM/1270 KDJI with Barbara Bruce.

Radio: August 6. Gary, IN. "Ron Muhammad Live," WHLT.

Radio: July 30. Poultney, VT. "Coffee Break ," WNYV with Judy Leech.

Radio: July 29. Quincy, IL. "Healthwise," WQUB.

Print: July 25. Glens Falls, NY. Post Star, Book Section, by Doug Gruse.

Radio: July 22. Philadelphia, PA. "Live at the Edge," with Dr. Doris Jeanette. Click to listen.

Radio: July 20. Caribou, ME. "It's Your Life," with Bill Flagg.

Radio: July 12. Houston, TX. "The Things that Matter Most," with Rick Davis & Lael Harrington. Download the mp3.

Radio: June 17. Avon, NY. "HealthTalk," WYSL with Dr. Bob Viola. Download the mp3.

Radio: June 8. Lewiston, MT. Interview with Phyllis Hill, KXLO-KLCM. Download the mp3.

Radio: June 2. Seattle, WA. Interview with Gina Cloud, Contact Talk Radio. Listen online!

Radio: May 21. Vero Beach, FL. Interview with Rhett Palmer, 1370 AM

Television: May 9. "Slice of Life," with Benita Zahn, Albany's Channel 13 News: Slice of Life.

On Line Interview

Questions for Living is an active research project based on the philosophy that the quality of one's questions determines the quality of one's life. Contributors to this project include thought leaders in a range of disciplines who share the questions they ask themselves. Visit the site: Questions for Living . To go straight to Kimerer's interview, click Wisdom in Desire.


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