Embedded in western culture is a value we take for granted as defining our human being: we privilege our thinking selves over our physical forms. We learn to think and feel and act as if we were minds living in and over bodies. We learn to blame our desires for our psychological and social ills.

Powerful as it is, this way of valuing human life has limits. Focusing on our cultural responses to the obesity epidemic, the marriage crisis, and escalating levels of depression, this book traces those limits, and demonstrates why we need an alternative way of valuing our bodily selves.

In response, this book offers a new philosophy of bodily becoming that embraces our bodily selves as movement--the movement that is making us.

Through anecdotes from life with family on the farm, and incisive analyses of popular culture, LaMothe explores how we can learn to discern, trust, and move with the wisdom in our entwined desires for food, sex, and spirit. It is a wisdom guiding us to pleasure, health, and well-being.

"A provocative, humorous, and deeply personal exploration of modern western culture's dysfunctional relation to desire... A wise and wonderful book!"
--William M. Throop, Ph.D., Green Mountain College

300 pages
O Books, April 2009
ISBN: 978-1849641887


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